Brandbot ❤️s MINDBODY

BrandBot integrates directly with your MINDBODY data. You can pull through email lists, create emails based on enrollment or classes, and automatically send emails to clients based on different attributes. Take advantage of your MINDBODY account by marketing with Brandbot.

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Automatically sync your email lists

BrandBot syncs all of your contacts that have opted into marketing emails along with all of the client indexes. Now you can target specific segments of your email lists to make sure you only send relevant emails.

Send emails automatically based off of MINDBODY data

The easiest way to create sales automation or welcome series automated emails. Simply tag clients in MINDBODY and BrandBot takes care of the rest.

Create emails with your MINDBODY data

With our smart block templates, sync MINDBODY data like classes, workshops and staff lists. Market everything that makes your MINDBODY business great, in just one click.

Finally, a smart and affordable small business marketing solution.

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