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3 Ways to Communicate Your Safety Precautions to Clients

September 29, 2020

We’re finally starting to see a big shift in our society as things start to open up again and we partly resume our normal lives. The COVID-19 shutdown affected us all, especially if you’re a business owner or independent contractor who depends on in-person clients to make a living. That’s why so many people in the fitness world were facing big losses in their income this year. But now that we’re starting to see clients again and get back on track with our training sessions, we need to make sure we’re following all the right safety precautions to make our clients (and prospective clients) comfortable. 

Although you yourself may not be in the at-risk demographic that needs to be cautious of coronavirus, and even if you aren’t that concerned about catching the virus, you still need to be considerate of your clients who might feel differently about COVID-19. Some of your clients might not be too worried, but for those who are concerned as well as in the at-risk demographic, they need some reassurance that you know what you’re doing and you can keep them safe. 

In order to be a successful trainer, you also have to be able to read the room and understand your clients needs. Let’s go over 3 ways to communicate your COVID-19 safety precautions to your clients. 

Know What the Restrictions Are in Your Area 

Each state has responded to the virus differently and each region has been affected differently by the virus. In order to best serve your clients, you have to know what the restrictions are where you live and work. Stay up to date with the latest local news and find out how your local government has been responding to the pandemic. The facility where you work also has its own rules, and every studio has been setting different restrictions. Communicate regularly with your boss or studio owner to find out what their expectations are in terms of safety precautions. Work together with them if there are ways you think they can improve their precautions or restrictions. The more you’re involved, the more you can offer a fantastic experience to your clients. 

List Your Safety Precautions on Your Website or Social Media 

Be transparent with how you’re going to achieve safety parameters. For the clients you already have, they’re probably checking your social media accounts fairly often and they might even visit your website to find out the latest updates. Let your clients know what your safety precautions are online so they know you’re serious about them. List out all the ways you’re going to keep them safe, such as social distancing parameters, rules on wearing masks, how you sanitize equipment before and after use, how the setup of the studio differs in order to maintain proper distance. 

Every detail counts! The clients you have will want to know how you’re keeping them safe. Additionally, if you have prospective clients visiting your website or social media accounts, they’ll have all their questions answered right away. Remember, if a client isn’t concerned about the virus and isn’t too worried about safety precautions, that’s fine—they won’t turn away from your service if you’re serious about safety precautions. However, the other way around is a different story. It’s better to cater to the needs of people who are concerned because their decision to train with you will be negatively affected if you’re nonchalant about it. 

Make Yourself Available For Questions and Feedback

Let your clients know that you’re always available to listen to questions or concerns. Some people may be more hesitant to get back into the studio than others, and that’s why it’s imperative that you make yourself open to every conversation. Perhaps you can send out a weekly or monthly survey to get feedback from your clients. This will give them the chance to give you some honest opinions about how you’ve been handling the safety precautions, as well as give you the chance to rectify any mistakes that may have made the client feel uncomfortable. At the end of the day, no matter how you feel about reopening studios again, it’s crucial to keep your clients happy. 

The Final Word 

The key is to be consistent with your safety precautions and to listen to your clients’ feedback about the environment you’re creating for them. We’ve been through some very uncertain times in the past few months so now’s the time to make sure you can create the safest, most comfortable setting for your clients. Your job is to help them live their healthiest life—and they won’t be able to reach their fitness goals if they’re suffering from coronavirus.

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