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4 Ways to Bring Clients Back in 2021

December 22, 2020

The new year is just around the corner—and I think we’re all looking forward to a new start. Basically anything that will get us far, far away from 2020. But many fitness boutique studios out there are still struggling to retain their members and clients through lockdowns, COVID restrictions, and the general shift in our culture. Choose to look at 2021 as a big opportunity for you to grow and bring back clients; even if things aren’t going well for you at the moment, you have a chance to turn it around.

Recent surveys have shown that more people are planning to workout from home during this lockdown compared to the first lockdown. That’s an opening for you to bring back a lot of members who have fallen out of their routine lately. People know what it’s like to be cooped up at home since we’ve all been there before. You have the chance to be the solution for people to get their health on track and start the new year off strong. Here are some tips to help you bring back more clients in 2021. 

Follow Up Over and Over Again

It’s crucial to use tools like BrandBot to have one place, one hub from which you can send out constant communication. Follow up with them after their first class, follow up with them after their tenth class, and update your members on your safety precautions as they’re changing. Send out registration to members 15 minutes before class. Always have a call or text option for them to speak to someone about any issues they might have. You want your members to actually feel like there’s a human at the other end of the line.

Text and Send Newsletters Regularly

The more communication, the better, so get yourself into a regular schedule. Texting is a power engagement tool and it’s effective when building relationships and driving engagement. It’s important to automate your texts and open up the possibility for two-way conversation. Email is the place where you mass message your community. And newsletters are one of the best practices of regular communication. Most fitness studios send newsletters once a month, but many experts say it’s now best to up it to twice a month, given the overwhelming amount of content that is falling into your members’ boxes these days. You want them to remember who you are and what you offer; that makes it much more likely that they’ll come back to your classes in the new year.

Share Your Safety Precautions

A lot of people want to know how you’re safeguarding against the virus for your members’ safety. Show a map or a picture of how you’re abiding by social distancing rules and cleanliness guidelines. If your members are concerned about safety precautions, they can rest easy after they see what your plans are. This ensures that people feel safe enough to jump back into class and fit in a workout. Constantly update your members when the guidelines or precautions change so they’re as up to date as you are.

Go Contactless

Cleanliness is a bigger deal than ever. One of the easiest ways you can minimize risk on a grand scale is to go contactless. Have a contactless check-in, registration, feedback, etc. so your members feel safe enough to go through the process. Don’t be afraid to over communicate all these updates and changes. It’s better to overdo the message of safety than undercut it. You want your members to get a good workout but you also want to keep them completely safe.

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