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6 Tips to Being More Successful at Online Streaming

August 20, 2020

The whole landscape of fitness completely turned around when the COVID shutdown hit. Suddenly we were all forced to rethink the way we train clients and offer them a transformative health experience. Initially, you might have thought that you just can’t get the same results from online coaching, but we’re seeing such a big shift in the industry that more and more success stories are popping up, and we’re learning that you can still offer a great workout to your clients from home.

Streaming online content is a more popular business than ever before. Just last year alone, there were 10 billion streams in the US. Americans are so comfortable with streaming that it becomes impossible not to ask what kind of role fitness can play in the streaming world. There’s obviously interest in online streaming and it’s not a foreign concept. So there must be a way you can develop a strong presence in the fitness vertical. 

Here are some tips to help you succeed in the fitness streaming game. 

Create a Strong Tie to Your Instructors 

In a digital age where it’s easy to feel like and be treated like just another number, people are looking for more connection than ever before. Clients buy into the storyline behind the instructor—sometimes more than they buy into the workout itself. There are tons of successful trainers out there who have built a brand on simply being who they authentically are, like Shaun T, Massy Arias, and Kayla Itsines. Humanize your online trainers; tell their story in a way that will make clients say to themselves, “I want to be like them!”

It sounds cheesy, but people really do like to see a strong heroic storyline behind the instructors who are coaching them to a healthier life. They want to know the “why” behind the experience. This will motivate them to keep coming back for more online classes so they can have a health transformation of their own. 

Tell a Memorable Story That Keeps Their Attention 

Similar to creating a strong tie to your instructors, online streaming gives you the chance to tell the story of your brand of your facility better than ever before. The more of a story you sell with your product, the more likely people are going to stick with you until they hear the end of the story. This is how online coaching actually benefits you, because you can draw them in with a story, which you’re not able to do in-person because you’re busy trying to sell them your product. After all, who knows when you’ll meet again? But if you’re online, you can use this to your advantage and tell a story little by little that has them hanging on by a thread. Figure out what your brand is, what your story is. And stick to it.

Create a Realistic Setting For Your Workouts 

You don’t want your workouts to look unnatural, like they were produced in a studio where you got a full makeover before you started. Keep your online classes looking real and raw so that people feel like they’re a part of it. Long gone are the days when all the workout videos had people training in full makeup and hair. Make sure your brand and your story comes through the setting of your workouts. The realistic environment should speak to your story and remind people why they showed up.

Set Yourself Up With All the Equipment You Need 

Think about everything you need to create the perfect set. There’s a lot more needed than you might think. You’ll need multiple camera angles in order to get a good-looking product. Even if you might be used to just filming with one camera, now’s the time to step up your game and see how else you can level up. The more you experiment with online streaming, you’ll probably find that you need to invest in some other additions, like professional lighting or your very own studio space. Make the right decisions for your business, but prioritize creating an environment that represents your brand and matches your prices.

Figure Out Your Niche(s)

In order to drive your brand forward on a clear path, you need to set yourself apart and make sure people understand what you’re selling. Don’t try to do everything at once. You see some gyms trying to do it all: We do cycling! We have HIIT training! We have hot yoga too! Don’t forget about our new Animal Flow sessions! Customers get overwhelmed with too many options; we prefer clarity in order to make informed decisions. Figure out what your niche is and stick to it. Are you a boutique fitness studio offering one-of-a-kind group classes online? Are you teaching workouts with dumbbells or kettlebells? The sooner you find what your niche is, the sooner you can find the types of clients who would be thrilled to train online with you.  

Set Up Your Content Strategy 

High-quality content doesn’t just happen overnight. People forget how much sweat and tears goes into the act of setting up a clear content strategy for yourself. Know where you’re going, allow the material to build on itself, and always do a deep dive analysis of your past traffic to see what works and what doesn’t. There are two types of content you need to use: primary content, which is free, and secondary content, which comes at a price. Use the both of these together in order to direct people to where they can sign up for online streaming with you. 

The Final Word

There may be many different strategies for being successful at online streaming. As long as you’re seeing improvement and you’re growing your online brand, you know you’ve got the right plan for yourself. Stick to a plan, be clear with your goals, and remain dedicated no matter hard it gets. 

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