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8 Ways Fitness Studios Can Prepare for Black Friday and Holiday Sales

November 2, 2020

Whether your Black Friday/Cyber Monday plans include scheduled campaigns, landing pages, or cart abandonment emails, BrandBot is here to help you capitalize on one the busiest shopping seasons of the year. Check out some of our best practices below to help you supercharge your marketing efforts over the holidays.

1. Choose the Audience

Is your hope to convert non-members who have been regularly visiting your studio over the last couple of months? Are you wanting to upsell current limited memberships to an unlimited class package? Do you have any virtual offerings you want to grow by reactivating folks who haven’t returned since COVID? 

Determining the right audience will help ensure that you can segment and target properly, increasing to potential for conversion. More below on how to segment your audience so you reach the right people with the right offer.

2. Determine the Sale

What deal are you going to be offering? Is it a ‘Buy 3 Get 5’? An auto-renew monthly contract with the first month heavily discounted? Setting it up in advance helps avoid any last minute scrambling. How low will you go? Figure out what makes sense from a business perspective and create a shiny deal that your target audience can’t pass up. 

This also allows you to set up the class package, pricing option, or membership deals in your booking platform well in advance, which will help with tracking the sale in the booking platform, but also help with accurately segmenting and triggering campaigns in Brandbot.

3. Set Up the Right Segment

Because of BrandBot’s deep integration with booking platforms like Mariana Tek, MINDBODY, and Pike13, setting up the right smart segment is easy and incredibly important. 

Now that you know who you’re going to be targeting and with what deal, you can build a smart segment to isolate those clients! Smart segments are fluid too, so if you set up a segment like “Non-members Who Have Not Purchased the Black Friday Deal,” as clients purchase the Black Friday membership, they’ll be removed from the list. 

You can set up all of your emails as a scheduled plan (more on that later!) far in advance, and clients who are automatically removed from the list and won’t receive the communications they don’t qualify for anymore.

4. Set Up a Scheduled Plan

Inside the BrandBot marketing suite, “Scheduled Plans” functions as a campaign builder that you can organize your scheduled emails into to easily see all the communications pertaining to a specific event. In this case, you’ll be able to design and schedule all your Black Friday emails in advance.

5. Streamline Sales with Landing Pages

BrandBot landing pages allow you to sell a single credit package, membership, pricing option, or contract (depending on your booking software). Creating a landing page helps streamline the purchasing process by driving the right client to the right offer. You can also use our Cart Abandonment tool to retarget interested buyers who weren’t quite ready to pull the trigger.

6. Create a Cart Abandonment Campaign

With BrandBot’s Cart Abandonment tool you can create an “Auto Campaign” targeting site visitors that abandoned their cart. We all do a lot of deal shopping around the holidays, so retargeting those that showed interest, but might not have committed is a great way to ensure that clients don’t forget about your screaming deal and helps increase their FOMO as the deadline approaches.

7. Reach Clients Who Purchased Packages, but Aren’t Members

We recommend finalizing this before starting to sell your Black Friday or holiday deals! You can supercharge re-engagement with folks who are non-members by creating a customized campaign based on their historical purchases or activations and sharing this deal with them. 

These deals are a great way to expand the net a bit and pull in some new business, and this audience is low-hanging fruit your business can easily reach for. BrandBot’s Auto Campaigns ensure that those communications all happen automatically and timely.

8. Distribute Value-Add Holiday Content

It’s important to also provide added value content to your current clients. You can use BrandBot segments to create the right list of either members, or those with active class packages regularly attending, and start to send them added value content. 

Do you have a great slow-cooker chili recipe? Maybe some fun “Thanksgiving” themed workout ideas or healthy recipes? Maybe it’s even just reinforcing that it’s okay to be gluttonous and not beat yourself up or count calories around the holidays! 

These are all pieces of content that would be super valuable to share with your clients or email list over the coming weeks and remind them you’ll still be there when they’re ready to let go of that potential holiday sluggishness.

Not a BrandBot Customer Yet?

A Black Friday campaign is the perfect pilot project to drive studio revenue and keep your customers engaged in an historically slower time of year. To see how BrandBot’s all-in-one marketing suite can help you grow your community, book a demo today.

If you’re already taking advantage of BrandBot’s one-of-a-kind boutique marketing platform, remember our chat feature is a great tool to help you connect with our support team in real-time. Keep in mind, we may have shorter hours while observing the holidays so make sure to get ahead of all of this by planning in advance!

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