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Help Your Members Fight Winter Stressors With These 5 Tips

December 17, 2020

The weather is changing and so many of us are feeling the difference in temperature and sunlight. Whether your fitness boutique studio is only doing virtual classes, is open as usual, or is a hybrid of both, this winter has put a lot of stress on small businesses. One of the best ways to keep your head above water is provide an unparalleled experience for your members and clients. Whether it’s through newsletter, SMS, or a blog, it’s important to provide them with a steady stream of useful information they can use to stay healthy as a supplement to the classes you provide. 

Helping your members deal with winter stressors is a very timely and relevant short-term goal. Your members have experienced just as much stress as you have and they’re trying their best to stay healthy from home. Now’s the time to give them some useful information. 

Here are five tips to pass along to your members that will help them get through the winter safely and in good health. 

Adjust Your Sleep Routine Accordingly 

The hours of the day feel different and it feels like it’s just dark all the time. Your members need a reminder to switch up their sleeping schedule in order to better adjust to this time of year. Perhaps this is the season to try earlier bedtimes, which of course means earlier mornings. Because the sun goes down earlier than we’re used to, our bodies get tired earlier in the evening because we’re programmed to think it’s time to go to sleep. Perhaps listen to that inclination and give it a go for a few weeks.

When you’re earlier to rise, you have more time to be productive during the hours when everyone else is still asleep. Now’s the time for you to be creative, focused, and motivated to produce something new and useful.  

Stay Regularly Active No Matter What It Takes 

There are countless studies that show how important exercise is in order to get through the winter successfully. It’s not a factor you can ignore if you want long term results. However, during a pandemic that many states have chosen to shut down over, it’s not exactly easy to go about your normal fitness routine. But as easy as it may seem to just give up and slack off on working out, giving up your workout routine is going to be a driving factor in surviving the winter.

If they’re not able or comfortable to attend group fitness classes, encourage your members to still engage in some kind of physical activity, whether it’s walking 10,000 steps a day or weekly soccer practice. This will dramatically affect your physical health and emotional morale during the dark and sometimes depressing winter season. 

Choose Family Gatherings Wisely 

It’s ok to say no on your RSVP. You don’t have to say yes to every single friend or family gathering that you’re invited to, and encourage your members to remember that as we get through the holiday season. Who we spend time with has a tremendous impact on our health, both mental and physical. Humans are creatures who learn visually, and our social nature wires us to mimic each other in all sorts of ways. If you have family or friends that are unhealthy, whether it means they drink too much alcohol or they’re emotionally toxic, it most certainly affects you in very real ways.

Encourage your members to choose wisely who they spend their time with. It’s ok to say no to certain functions that might not align with what’s best for you right now. Remind your members to surround themselves with good, healthy people.  

Switch Up Your Diet as Needed

The winter season requires a different diet to keep your body warm and adjust to the change of sunlight. Remind your members to eat vegetables of the season and enjoy winter recipes that will help them fight off the cold temperatures. Now’s not the time to have smoothies every morning or cold salads for lunch. Encourage your members to eat warm, nourishing meals that will equip their bodies with what they need to get through the winter!

Chase the Sunlight

Regular sunlight will change your brain chemistry. Yes, really! Sunlight boosts serotonin (your “happy chemical”) and endorphins, suppresses melatonin (this buildup also helps you sleep better at night!), and gives you tons of energy and confidence. Remind your members to soak up as much sunlight as they can throughout the winter, even though they certainly won’t be able to get as much as they can during the summer. Absorbing the sunlight on your face and in your eyes will help keep the common winter stressors at bay.

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