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How to Prepare for the “New Years Resolution” Rush

December 10, 2020

The new year is almost here! It’s hard to believe that 2020 has flown by so quickly, but the holidays are already upon us which means 2021 will be here in the blink of an eye. There are all sorts of ways to prepare your business for another year, even if that means you’ll have to face another lockdown in your state. We all know that the beginning of each year is generally a lucrative and successful time for fitness boutique studios. Everyone wants to kick off the year in healthy ways because we all want to feel our best in order to create a great year ahead of us. So now’s the time of year for you to do what you do best: help a wide variety of clients reach their health and fitness goals.

However, during strange times like these, it’s not exactly easy to keep your fitness routine going as regularly as you would if you were living a normal life. You don’t have the same sense of community and motivation when you’re working out from home, alone. This is why so many fitness boutique studios must realize that it’s going to take a little extra to get people to stick with the community element. Knowing this and making it a priority in your mind will help you build and grow a business that attracts and serves the most committed, long term clients. These tips will help you prepare for the New Year’s resolution rush, especially if you’re going fully virtual.  

Offer a Virtual Challenge 

Most fitness studios probably aren’t able to run their standard new-year challenges that entails multiple in-person classes every week on top of meetups and potluck brunches. This year, your challenge will have to be virtual—so you’ll have to be compelling enough for people to engage and participate regularly over a long period of time. From home. Start by offering a challenge that’s different from most of what you see online today. Nobody is going to turn their heads at yet another cookie-cutter 10-week “Get Fit!” challenge. Give them something different to sink their teeth into, like a monthly virtual book club on a topic that’s related to health and fitness. Everyone else will be offering a New Year’s program, so make sure you stand out from all the rest. 

Utilize BrandBot Products in Your Marketing Campaigns

BrandBot is there to make the whole marketing experience easier for you. That’s music to the ears of people who aren’t exactly marketing experts. There are multiple tools you can use on BrandBot that will help you put together a flow of marketing content. You’ve got access to a livestream manager (this is absolutely imperative to have if you want to livestream fitness classes on a regular basis), campaign builder, and a two-way SMS for reminders and personalized check-ins. The text messages are particularly important because messages, reminders, and personalized notes get lost far too easily in the email inbox. Communicate directly with your clients as often as possible, and that happens most easily through texts. 

Start a Facebook Group to Connect People in the Community

You want to keep the motivation going throughout the New Year and well into the spring. Catch the wave of the New Year’s rush and just maintain that momentum into the spring. In order to do that, you have to set up a place where people can continue to communicate with each other, encourage one another, and share their progress, questions, and setbacks. Put together a Facebook page and make it exclusive access to the people who are attending your classes regularly and putting in a major effort with whatever New Year’s program you’re doing together. Let your clients speak to each other and be sources of support during times of difficulty or even moments of laziness. This will ensure that everyone has a community to be a part of well into the rest of the year after the New Year’s rush dies down.

Encourage Engagement on All Your Platforms

Of course a Facebook group is a great way to boost engagement, but you can also aim for higher rates of engagement on all your other platforms, whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, your website blog, or YouTube. Set aside the team, manpower, and energy to plan out a content calendar for all your platforms—and make sure your content invites engagement in the form of comments, shares, and questions. The higher engagement rates you have, the more programs and classes you’ll sell, and the more long term clients you’ll secure for your business.

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