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How to Stand Out Amid Holiday Marketing Clutter

November 13, 2020

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are almost here. Just when you think you have enough time to get everything in order, something new comes up and you feel like your back is against the wall. But now isn’t the time to stress. There are ways to keep your business thriving through the holiday season, whether you’re only offering online classes, you’re doing limited in-person sessions, or a mixture of both. These are 3 useful tips that will help you stand out amidst all the holiday marketing clutter. 

Clean Up Your Email Headlines 

You know how your email is constantly flooded with new messages? Well, imagine what your customers’ inboxes look like. It’s always safe to assume that they’re constantly being flooded with newsletters, emails, texts, and offers. It’s all too easy to blend in to the point where you’re entirely ignored at best. Many fitness boutique studios tend to fall into the common trap of being too general with their approach and this is exactly what makes your customers overlook your content and just keep scrolling. 

The best way to stand out from the clutter that keeps getting dumped on you every holiday season is to workshop your subject lines so your brand stands out above the rest. Remember that people’s attention span is usually a lot shorter than we like to think, so limit the word usage to 8-10 words or less. You can experiment with your audience and see exactly which number of words in your headline, but that’s the general range you should aim for.

Next, think about being specific and useful. People want to find something worth their time in their inbox, so think about how you can grab their attention. Be clear and don’t be vague. For example, don’t be just another fitness studio emailing your audience with an email that says “Lose weight fast!” They see plenty of general promises like that and have learned to just keep scrolling. Instead, grab their attention with something like, “4 intermittent fasting tips to help you through the holidays.”

Offer Deals That Solve a Pain Point 

The holidays bring a lot of stress each year, no matter what you do for work or how many family members you have. Most of the products purchased throughout the holiday season are solving an important problem for the consumer. They want to make the holiday season more enjoyable, make their family more comfortable, or make themselves feel better. To stand out from the crowd, offer specific classes, deals, or packages that will help them get through the holiday season in health—and in peace. 

There are many different ways to market these classes or deals, but you want to make sure they’re targeted at a particular pain point or demographic. Don’t just offer “fitness classes.” Offer a “stress-relieving yoga flow” or “short-on-time full-body circuit.” Meet a need they didn’t even know they needed met. 

Follow Up With First-Timers 

This is particularly important. You never want to let your new clients walk away without knowing that you’re interested in their feedback. Send them an automatic email of thanks, along with a survey that will ask what they enjoyed and what they thought they needed to work on. And don’t underestimate the power of a personal email when they finish up their very first class with you. A small touch like that can really help your clients understand that you’re invested in their presence at your studio and in your community. 

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