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Tips to Use SMS/Email Marketing to Boost Your Customer Engagement by at Least 50%

October 29, 2020

Offering your clients the highest quality of classes in your studio and guiding them through their lifestyle and diet is only half the game. There are many different things to consider in your business, from marketing to billing to social media. No matter how much you may hate it, if you’re a studio owner, you have to know how to use SMS and email marketing if you want to develop long-lasting, fruitful engagement with your members and clients. This can be one of the most frustrating parts of running your own business, but it’s a necessary evil. 

It’s OK if you don’t know where to start. Start small and work your way up from there, and don’t overcommit to a marketing schedule that you can’t keep up with. Be realistic with yourself and what you’re able to handle with your current calendar. But if you can afford to invest some more time into the process, you’ll find that email marketing can be highly useful in growing your business and retaining more clients. Here are a few useful tips to help you use SMS and email marketing to their fullest capacities.

Have a Consistent Schedule Your Clients Can Remember 

Your clients should know that every Wednesday you release a newsletter or every Friday they get a new workout in their inbox. Be consistent more than anything else. This will be the biggest key to your success. Once your followers learn to trust you and see how useful your advice is, they’ll stick with you forever, even when you grow and evolve your brand. When you set up a regular marketing calendar, you also hold yourself to a particular standard and this gives you the drive you need to produce content regularly. 

The longer they stick around, the more likely they are to be more engaging and get involved in everything you have to offer. Encourage your followers to comment on your weekly video or post questions for your weekly Q&A. You want them to know that your priority is helping them move forward. 

Offer Opportunities For Real Engagement 

Create chats, open up discussions on social media, and use your email marketing campaigns to tell a story that they can interact with. Add some variety to the content you produce; this will keep people interested and coming for more. You can never expect people to initiate the engagement so you have to be the one who prompts it and gives them a reason to engage with it. The reason it’s so important to have a strong email marketing campaign is because you want to be able to create different series that keep people coming back (intermittent fasting crash course, weight-loss challenges, etc). That’s where you get the increase in engagement.

Share Moments From Your Own Life and Training

People want to know what you’re up to. It inspires them to stay on track with their diet and motivates them to get to the studio more. And sharing moments from your personal and professional life through email marketing or SMS campaigns will invite members and clients to click on your website or target and engage in more meaningful ways. Think about why you follow any celebrity—you just want to get a quick glimpse into what their seemingly fabulous life is. You don’t have to expose your whole personal life, but sharing little bits and pieces here and there will go a long way in increasing your engagement and getting people more interested in sticking with you long term. Show them what’s unique about you—because at the end of the day, people are buying into you, not your product.

Keep It Simple 

Don’t send 4 newsletters a week. Don’t text every single day. People already deal with information overload, so don’t add to the overstimulation and get lost in all the noise. Have a reasonable content schedule so that when you actually send an email or a text, your audience is more inclined to listen to you—because they’re curious. Don’t overcomplicate things with wordy subject lines, overwhelming text messages, and blog posts that are too long to comprehend. 

The simpler you keep it, the more of an immediate effect you can have on your clients. You want to set them up for success—and most people find success through steady incremental progress, not through overloading themselves with too much information at once.

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