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Why Your Fitness Studio Should Use BrandBot and Pike13

January 20, 2021

Owning and/or running a fitness boutique studio comes with all kinds of headaches that don’t have anything to do with health or workouts. It can be a pain for people whose primary passion is fitness. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry—there are plenty of software programs out there that will help you manage all the housekeeping matters in your business so you can still focus on what matters most in your business: keeping your members healthy and fit. 

Pike13 is one of those trusted softwares you can use for your fitness studio (or music studio, martial arts school academy, etc.) to help you organize all your memberships, payments, and marketing campaigns. We know that administration can often get in the way of running your business, so it’s software like Pike13 that helps you reach your goals while maintaining an organized system of members and new clients. 

What Pike13 Does

There are countless features from Pike13 that help you along the way. There are multiple scheduling features that allow your clients to enroll in classes, appointments, or workshops, and they’re able to do so from pretty much any mobile or desktop device. You’ll also be able to store all your clients’ profiles, waivers, health history or injuries, and personal information, while having easy access to it all. No more chasing around your members to gather details or ask them to sign up for classes. They have a free app they can use to manage their own signups, payments, and billing.

One of the most useful features of Pike13 is that clients can set up their own one-time or recurring payments. And if for some reason their payment doesn’t go through, you’re automatically notified in order to prevent revenue leaks. You don’t have to constantly check to make sure your members have paid —Pike13 contacts you if there’s any issue. 

Focusing on the big picture is crucial as a business owner or manager. That’s why Pike13’s built-in client and financial reports are so crucial to help you make smart decisions with your business. These regularly scheduled reports will help you identify parts of your business that are working for you, which parts aren’t working, etc. 

Why BrandBot and Pike13

A match made in heaven: BrandBot and Pike13 function together to offer you the best software to help you move your business forward and serve as many members as you can handle. BrandBot has a comprehensive communication hub with multiple marketing tools to help you engage with new clients, win back members who haven’t been attending classes in a while, and convert potential clients into lifelong members. 

Pike13 offers everything you need from an administrative perspective, but BrandBot offers supplemental marketing tools, such as scheduled marketing emails and text capabilities, automated marketing workflows to reach clients with your message and offers, and contact management (CRM) to give you complete timelines and help you create and assign tasks. There are over 30 out-of-the-box data integrations that let you segment your contacts in more than 650 different ways! 

An added bonus: BrandBot is especially useful for families and kids. If you’re offering activities or classes for kids, BrandBot will go ahead and connect the children’s accounts with their parents in order to keep the communication open to both. 

Having both the administrative housekeeping and marketing campaigns covered is priceless if you want to have a well-functioning fitness boutique studio. If you’re not familiar with Pike13 or BrandBot, you can reach out to either and they’ll set you up with a trial plan. In fact, Pike13 customers receive a 14-day free trial of BrandBot.

For busy business owners who have a million things on their plate, Pike13 and BrandBot are must haves. It means more time to serve your members and more time to attract new clients who will benefit from your classes. 

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