A marketing tool as powerful as your fitness studio

Send personalized messages about online classes, at-home challenges, product promotions and studio updates to every client. With BrandBot’s smart segments, nothing gets lost in translation.

Easy Integration With Your Studio Management Software.

Strengthening relationships and communicating with your clients has never been more important.

Create Genuine Connections with Our Two-Way Messaging Feature

Track Client’s Class Visit History and Online Engagement to Set Up Targeted, Automated Campaigns and Improve Client Retention

Seamless Integration with Vimeo OTT Makes Livestreaming Your Virtual Classes a Breeze

Effortlessly Manage Your Virtual Classes

Transform your studio class roster into a virtual schedule with a click of a button. Our Virtual Class Reminder feature keeps all of your class links organized. You’ll get real-time updates for class registrations and your customers will get reminders an hour and five minutes before class starts.
Works with any of the following:

The Fitness Industry's Only All-In-One Studio Growth Platform

The one place you can automate your heavy lifting. Motivate, educate and inspire your customers by leveraging BrandBot’s powerful features and outstanding customer service.

Here are a few features you can use:

  • Full Email Platform with Smart Segments

  • Automated and Two-way Text Messaging

  • Full CRM for Personalized Communication

  • Create Forms, Surveys and Waivers

  • Virtual Class Reminders

  • Integrated Landing Pages

  • Abandoned Cart Emails

How are other fitness studios using BrandBot during this time?

Our customers have truly shown how creative they are during this difficult time. They switched from trying to convert intro offers and leads, to engaging and motivating their customers through a community-driven approach online.
Here’s how you can adapt like them: