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Convert New Customers

Win back lost customers

The single best way you can win back customers that are slipping away is by reaching out

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Ditch the one-size fits all win back

Customer's leave your business at all different stages. It is important to make sure you are trying to win them back with personalized, timely messaging.

A new customer is
6 to 7x
more expensive
to retain than an exisiting customer*
*Frederick Reichheld, Bain & Company

Get smarter about following up

More than 60% of your customers will leave your business for longer than two months before coming back. It is important to have a way to capture these people and get your brand top of mind.

Resend with a different subject line if a contact does not open

Customers don't open every email you send, in fact they open few of them! Make sure you are relying on more than a single email for getting customers back into your business.

Send separate messages based on  contact’s previous behavior

Rebuilding your relationship is important after a customer leaves your business. Make sure you are reaching out with a personalized message based on their behavior, not a one-size-fits-all approach!

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