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Recorded Webinars

Pivoting Your Marketing Messages at The Boutique Fitness Studio: By Tracey Petrucci of Petrucci Marketing

Pivoting your Studio: 5 Ways to Regain Control in Challenging Times

With Josh Biro from Yogaprenuer Collective

Studio Support Webinar- COVID-19

In this webinar, we will talk about resources and tips during the challenging times of increased social distancing with COVID-19. We will break it down into mitigating revenue loss, engaging outside of the studio's four walls, and mitigating fear and panic from students.

Video Conferencing and On-Demand Classes for The Boutique Fitness Industry

In this webinar, we'll cover everything you need to know about streaming classes and on-demand class libraries. We will also cover ways to monetize virtual class channels and the pros and cons for all options.

Thinking about Playbooks with Chris Beer from b.Well

Getting Started with BrandBot | Auto Campaigns 101

Learn the basics of our most powerful functionality. We will go over creating and editing automations while understanding the logic that runs them.
25 minutes

Creating a Marketing Calendar - With Emily Montgomery

60 Minutees

Getting Your Members to Stay Longer - With Crystal Zakaluzny

60 Minutes

Drive Revenue with Better Sale Campaigns - With Terri Fry

60 minutes

Ins and Outs of Facebook Marketing - With Josh Biro

60 min

BrandBot Summer Series | Creating a Sales Culture with Josh Biro

Creating a Sales Culture: 3 Mega Strategies to Sell Out Classes without Selling your Soul (And Get Your Staff On Board) What we will cover: 1. The Golden Rule of Sales 2. The Why Factor 3. Modern Consumer Psychology
45 minutes

Fine Tune Your Intro Offer with Landing Pages

Learn how landing pages give you the ability to have a better pricing strategy for new customers.
40 Minutes

Supercharge your next Flash Sale (Using Landing Pages)

Flash sales can be a great way to reengage lost customers, upsell current customers, or bring delight to your best customers. A big part of the flash sale is what comes after a customer clicks on an email or text message. Craft the perfect experience by using one of BrandBot's Checkout Landing Page.
40 Min

Introduction to BrandBot Landing Pages

Introducing one of our newest features, Checkout Landing Pages. Checkout Landing Pages are landing pages that act as store fronts for your MINDBODY account. For example you can have a page to sell a pricing option or contract. This allows you to control the checkout experience, sell hidden pricing options or contracts, set permissions and get clear reporting.
40 min

Intro Offer Deep Dive with iKizmet

In today's world, creating a relationship with a new customer is the most important step to converting them into a loyal customer. But every new customer interacts differently with your business and following up with them personally is time-consuming. Make sure you are thinking about your customer to give them the best chance to convert.

Engaging Your Current Customers (Even Birthday Emails Can Help Revenue)

Acquiring a new customer is 5 to 7 times more expensive than keeping an old customer. We see a lot of businesses who focus a lot of attention to new customers and then go silent when your customers continue with your business. Learn best practices on how to show appreciation and make sure your customers stay at your business longer!

Cross Selling - Getting Customers to Try More Services

Having multiple services is great for your customers, but only if they are using them! Make sure your customers know everything you have to offer and why if used together they will get more out of being your customer. We will cover everything from identifying the different groups of people that use each service, tailoring messaging to those groups and finally automating reminders that there is more going on at your business!

Supercharging Your Winbacks

You wouldn't want to send the same we miss you email to a customer who has only visited once and a former member who was at your business for two years. Learn how to tailor your messaging to get the most out of win back emails.

Running Better Sales and Promotions

How to segment your discounts and make sure your messaging gives you the best chance for a blockbuster sale! Learn about how to segment your sales, create post sale funnels, and measure your effectiveness.

Fill Your Teacher Training and Retreat Pipelines

We will show you how to segment your audience to find prime candidates for your teacher training or retreat. We also will help you figure out who is showing passive interest and how to activate them to become buyers!

Getting New Customers To Fall In Love With Your Business

Building a relationship requires understanding your customers and showing your personality. Learn about what other studios are doing to make new customers fall in love and stay in love with their brands.
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